Fear Mythos

The Fear Mythos is a collaborative horror fiction writing project that started life on the forum of tvtropes.org. The Mythos is based around the idea that there are a number of powerful and monstrous beings out there, commonly known as the Fears, each with their own unique appearance and powerset. For more information, visit the Fear Mythos Wiki.

I have been a writer for the Mythos since its inception in February of 2011. In order to create a sense of realism, works set in the Mythos are usually presented in blog format. Below is a list of all the blogs I have written for this setting. To help readers avoid spoilers, I have also added links to the first post of each blog.

  • Eccentrically Bored: The story of Joey Steward, a young man who fins himself in the middle of a deadly game between two of the beings known as the Slender Man and the Archangel. (completed) First Post
  • Hidden in the Trees: The sequel to Eccentrically Bored, it follows Steward through his new life in the horrific world of the Fears. (completed) First Post
  • The Archive: A blog maintained by a woman called "Scribe Sigma", who is part of an organization known as the Archive, which collects data on the Fears. First Post
  • Perchance to Dream: A dream diary kept by a man named Billy. Unfortunately, his dreams begin to show stranger and stranger things to him. (completed) First Post
  • A Tangled Web: Rick is a man who likes spiders, and decides to start a blog to share that love with the world. Unfortunately, his life takes painful turn and he soon finds himself the pawn of a higher power, while his roommate Jess deals with problems of her own.(completed) First Post
  • Ink: The blog of someone who refuses to share his real name and just calls himself "Axel." He's just an ordinary college student with strange dreams. But after his sister kills herself and he receives a strange old diary from her in the mail, he begins to piece together a dark and dangerous secret. (completed) First Post
  • The Thirteenth Apostle: A police officer named Matthias takes on a gang called the Timberwolves, who follow and worship the Archangel. Along the way, he gets possessed by a fragment of the being known as the Dying Man. First Post
  • The Puppet's Game 2: An Alternate Reality Game wherein the Jester, servant of the Wooden Girl, plays a game with the lives of a number of sanitarium inmates, and invites readers to play along. Sequel to a much less focused ARG I did a while back (the events of the first one are summarized in the beginning post) First Post
  • Fear High: A humorous parody of the Fear Mythos that answers the age-old question: what if Eldritch Abominations went to highschool? First Post
  • A Realm of Emptiness: A collaborative blog about a number of people trapped in the living world of the Empty City. I write the character of Shard, a southern gentleman from the 1920's. First Post First of Shard's Posts

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