Other Projects

This page would be where I chronicle my non-Fear Mythos related projects.

Valley of Storms

This is an online serial Dark Fantasy novel. What I did was I took the standard fantasy world, where it's magical medieval Europe and the forces of light must battle the forces of darkness, and I asked: What would happen if the darkness won? Thus we have the setting for this story. It's a world where the light has been extinguished and the darkness rules. The elves have been twisted into the cold and deadly alps, there's an empire ruled by necromancers, and in the Valley of Storms, vampires rule in a feudal society where humans are the serfs and the food. CURRENTLY ON INDEFINITE HIATUS
Read it here!

Myths and Monsters

A video project dedicated to exploring the history and symbolism of mythological and folkloric creatures. Currently updating every other Friday.
Watch it here!

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