Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So Hi

OK.... um... hi. My name's Seann. I read. I also watch stuff and play stuff. I think I'll use this blog to post reviews and hopefully be entertaining and whatnot.

Yeah. The only blogs I've written before this were for the Fear Mythos. So they were basically works of fiction where the blog would get interrupted by a horrible monster the likes of which exists beyond human comprehension. Hopefully, this blog won't turn out like that, but hey-- who can know the future?

So, I guess that counts as my introduction post. I'll start making actual posts eventually. I have no plans beyond the very vague outline of "review stuff." And despite the title, "stuff" is not limited to books.


  1. Welcome to the OOG blogger community, then. :D

  2. Cutely awkward introduction post. Nice.