Monday, September 24, 2012

New 52 Reviews Forthcoming

Remember my Fables volume 16 review? When I said that I prefer reading the trade collections of comics? Well, guess what? DC's New 52 are finally being released as trades, and Barnes and Noble has been having a special Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on all DC graphic novels as a result. The sale doesn't end until November 15th!

Anyway, when I heard about the New 52, I was excited. I've never been that into superhero comics, due to the mass Continuity Lockout they suffer, so DC rebooting its universe was like a Godsend to me. Now that the trades are being published, I can finally sit down and read these stories which everyone else read last year!

As I read each graphic novel, I will post a review here. Expect reviews throughout the rest of September and most of October. Most of these will be from a newcomer's perspective, with a few exceptions which I will note when I get to them. For those, like me, who want to get into DC's new universe, hopefully these reviews will help you decide which books to get.

Who knows, maybe they'll even be helpful to older fans as well. Like if they dropped a book after issue 1, but the book got really good at issue 3 without them knowing or something. Or maybe they'll just be interested to know how a newcomer to DC's world takes these comics. After all, wasn't DC's goal with the reboot to attract new readers? Time to see how well they did with that.

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